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Dr. Denver Maloney
Bachelor of Dental Surgery, The University of Sydney 1989

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Dr Maloney has Over 33 Years of Denture Making Experience.

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Experience a new approach to denture delivery. Our services are comfortable, fast, affordable, and backed by an experienced team of professionals.

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Thousands of patients have improved their smiles with Dr Maloney – Check out our reviews!

Over 33-Years of Experience

Dr Maloney has over 33 years of experience in cosmetic dentistry and has helped thousands of patients improve their smiles.

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Why Chose A Dentist for Dentures

Superior Dentures From Dentists

Dentists can enhance denture stability by utilising implants and modifying existing teeth, providing a comprehensive approach to addressing loose-fitting dentures. This involves the expertise to place implants for added support and to modify the existing teeth to improve the denture’s stability. In contrast, dental prosthetists primarily focus on the design and fabrication of dental prostheses but may not have the scope of practice to perform surgical procedures or modify natural teeth to the extent that dentists can for denture stabilization.

Improve Digestive Function

Dentures improve chewing and digestive function by restoring proper bite alignment and facilitating efficient mastication. With their customised fit and function, dentures enable individuals to chew food more thoroughly, aiding digestion and nutrient absorption. By enhancing chewing ability, dentures contribute to overall improved digestive health and well-being.

Inexpensive Face Lift

Dentures can provide structural support to the facial muscles, reducing the appearance of sagging and wrinkles resulting in a more youthful facial contour. By replacing missing teeth and restoring facial volume, well-fitted dentures can help fill the cheeks and support the lips, creating a more youthful appearance. The improved facial support and restored smile achieved with dentures can contribute to a rejuvenated and vibrant look, enhancing overall facial aesthetics.

Natural Appearance

Dentures can be meticulously crafted to mimic natural teeth’ colour, shape, and texture, ensuring a seamless and lifelike appearance. Skilled dental professionals can use advanced materials and technology to tailor dentures to match the individual’s unique smile, resulting in a natural and aesthetically pleasing outcome. Dentures can blend harmoniously with the gums and surrounding oral structures through careful customisation and attention to detail, achieving a truly natural-looking smile.

Durability and Longevity

Modern dentures are constructed using high-quality, durable materials designed to withstand daily wear and tear, ensuring longevity and resilience. Dentures can be tailored to provide a secure and stable fit through precise measurements and advanced manufacturing techniques, promoting longevity and functionality for years. Dentures are engineered to maintain their strength and appearance by incorporating robust, long-lasting materials, offering sustained durability and reliable performance.

Enhanced Aesthetics

We specialise in creating custom dentures tailored to your unique needs, ensuring comfort, functionality, and a natural-looking smile. Our dedicated team combines artistry and precision to craft dentures that restore your confidence and oral health. Trust us to deliver personalised solutions that enhance your quality of life through expertly designed dentures.

Welcome to Albury's Only Premium Denture Service! My passion is to make patients happy by creating beautiful smiles with comfortable fully functional and expertly crafted dentures.

Dr Denver MaloneyBachelor of Dental Surgery, The University of Sydney 1989




November 11, 2023