Can Braces Change Your Face

Many people are familiar with the benefits of orthodontic treatment for straight teeth, but did you know that it may also change the shape of your face? Braces can sometimes even make you look younger, but it does not happen every single time.

Getting the smile of your dreams with braces is one of the fastest and most effective methods.

It has many benefits beyond just improving your smile. Additionally, your facial structure may look more symmetrical, which makes your features more attractive.

When patients are about to undergo this treatment, they fear their face’s shape will be affected. People are generally quite attached to their appearance, which is a legitimate concern.

It can transform your appearance but in a good way!

3 Main Types Of Face Profiles

Correcting these three orthodontic problems will greatly improve a person’s looks. Here these are:

Underbites: When someone has an underbite, the jawline extends further, and the chin looks too big. The jaw will no longer protrude with braces, making it appear softer and more natural.

Open Bites: When there is an open bite, the lips and mouth appear unnaturally stretched. In severe cases, the upper lip can jut out, and there may be no way for the mouth to close naturally; it is an extremely noticeable problem. It brings the teeth together and improves both the smile and its function.

Overbites: An overbite patient usually has a protruding upper lip. Thus, the patient’s lips can’t cover the teeth. It will help to maintain a stronger jawline when aligning the bite.

Effects Of Braces On Facial Structure

While it not only affects your teeth, it can significantly change your features. Teeth and facial structures are closely related. When orthodontics puts pressure on the teeth, the bones that support them move from their original position to a new one. Teeth move to a new position as well.

  • Orthodontic treatment can gently shift either of the jaws forward, improve the bite’s alignment and quality, adjust the facial balance, and allow the bite to come together.
  • Some people are born with a narrow, hard palate, which may cause problems like crooked teeth and sleep-breathing disorders. Palatal expanders enable you to overcome this problem, giving you a wider smile and a more proportionate appearance.
  • Underbites or overbites can negatively affect a person’s cheeks, causing them to look sunken or pronounced. With an even jawline and straightened teeth, the features become more defined, creating a more streamlined look.
  • Likely you will not look your best when you have orthodontic problems. People with braces often notice differences in their looks after orthodontic treatment and/or surgery.

Make Your Face More Attractive With Braces

It is possible to improve your facial appearance with orthodontics. Getting orthodontic treatment in your adult life can often make you feel like you are back in your teens – especially when you wear braces.

However, the youthful appearance only comes to light after the treatment. By adjusting the jaw alignment, the skin under the chin may appear tighter, softening wrinkles and slowing down aging.

You will likely feel more confident after your treatment and want to show off your new smile wherever you go!

If you are self-conscious about your crooked and uneven teeth, orthodontic treatment will eliminate your fears!

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