Impacted Upper Canine

Dr Maloney had seen many cases in his orthodontic career, but young Emily’s situation presented a unique challenge. At just 14 years old, Emily had an impacted upper canine tooth, concealed deep within the bone, hindering its natural eruption. Dr Maloney understood the importance of addressing this issue early, as it could significantly affect Emily’s dental development.

Surgical Exposure

The day of the procedure arrived, and Emily, accompanied by his parents, nervously entered Dr Maloney’s office. With his warm and reassuring demeanour, Dr Maloney took the time to explain the process to Emily in a way that put her at ease. “We’re going to help your tooth come into place, Emily,” he said gently. “It’s like a little adventure for your tooth to find its proper spot.”

Pre-Surgery Planning

As Emily was prepared for the surgery, Dr Maloney and his team meticulously planned each step and prepared her by placing her upper braces in place with a spring to open the space for the tooth to emerge. The surgical exposure would involve uncovering the impacted tooth beneath the gum and guiding it into the correct position using a special bracket and wire. A local Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon performed the surgical exposure. With the precision of a skilled craftsman, the surgeon made a small incision to reveal the hidden canine, then attached a tiny bracket to the tooth, carefully avoiding causing any discomfort to Emily.

As the surgical phase drew near, Dr Maloney explained, the surgeon will give your tooth a path to follow, Emily. It’s like we will open a door for it to come out and join the rest of your smile.”

Lifting the Tooth Into Position

Over the following months, Emily visited Dr Maloney for adjustments and monitoring as the orthodontic treatment guided the exposed canine into position. Through diligent care and regular check-ups, the tooth gradually emerged, aligning itself alongside its counterparts. The transformation was physical and emotional, as Emily gained confidence with every glimpse of progress in the mirror.┬áThe day will soon arrive when Dr Maloney will remove the braces, revealing Emily’s fully aligned smile.


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