Your First Appointment

Your first dental consultation with us can be an exciting and transformative experience on your journey to optimal oral health. As a holistic dentist, I take a comprehensive and integrative approach, considering the interconnectedness of your oral health with your overall well-being.

During your initial visit, we will spend time getting to know you and taking a holistic view of your dental and medical history. We will conduct a thorough examination, focusing not only on your teeth and gums but also on your jaw alignment, bite, and the overall balance of your oral structures. Select A Consultation Time Here.

Your Dental Consultation

Holistic dentists understand the importance of addressing the root causes of dental issues rather than simply treating symptoms. We examine your oral health within the context of your overall health, considering factors such as nutrition, lifestyle, and environmental influences.

In addition to traditional diagnostic tools such as X-rays and visual exams, if you want a holistic examination, we may use alternative and complementary techniques like bioenergetic assessments or meridian evaluations by referral to one of our partners specialising in this field. These methods provide a deeper understanding of your body’s energetic flow and balance, contributing to a more holistic treatment approach.

Once the examination is complete, we will be sure to take the time to discuss their findings with you in detail. We explain any oral health issues detected, exploring potential underlying causes and their connections to your overall well-being. We will work closely with you to develop a personalised treatment plan that addresses immediate concerns and long-term oral health goals.

first time consult

Treatment Planning

Beyond addressing specific dental issues, our holistic approach will guide preventive measures and lifestyle adjustments to support oral and overall health. They may discuss the importance of proper nutrition, stress reduction techniques, and other holistic practices to enhance your well-being.

At the end of your first appointment, you will leave with a clear understanding of your oral health status and a customised treatment plan designed to nurture and support your overall wellness. Our holistic approach will serve as your partner on this transformative journey, empowering you to achieve optimal oral health through a holistic and integrative approach.