Straightening Your Teenager's Teeth

Straightening Your Teenager’s Teeth

A Unique Approach to Treating Teenagers

  • A teenager’s jaw is still growing, is very reactive to orthodontic treatment.This means it is much easier to treat issues in teens such as crowded and crooked teeth, and issues with thier jaw or bite.
  • We can achieve a beautiful smile for your teen.During the teenage years, especially the early teens, children are still growing, including period of growth spurts. This assists the treatment process, as jaw and teeth alignment occurs at a more rapid rate. The teeanage years also bring a lot of social and emotional changes, so feeling confident with their smile will assist them greatly during these years of great chnage.
  • We use the latest technology at Albury-Wodonga Orthodontics.We understand that teenagers have enough to worry about with the stress of peer pressure and school, the last thing they want to worry about is the possibility of needing braces too. With invisible orthodontics, there is no need to worry. We can use aligners that are barely visible and can be removed for special occasions, such as school formals and graduations. Their friends won’t even notice you are wearing them.

When Can Your Teenager Start Treatment?

Most people have all their adult teeth by the time they reach 12 or 13. That means any spacing or bite problems become fairly obvious, and it’s a great time to start orthodontic treatment!

When teeth aren’t positioned correctly, they are more vulnerable to dental problems. In some people crowding can make them harder to clean, which can lead to problems like decay and gum disease. Getting the problems corrected early can help you keep your teeth healthier for life.

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